Is It Worth It To Upgrade Your Cheap Guitar?

should you upgrade a cheap guitar

Budget and entry-level guitars can be fantastic at helping you get started on your journey but the thought of modifying them is something that inevitably crosses most people’s minds at some point. This article will discuss some things that you should consider so you can decide if it’s worth investing in upgrades for a cheap …

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4 Reasons You Should Play Bass With A Pick

can you play bass with a pick

An endless debate that has existed regarding bass playing is the question of whether or not you should use a pick when playing. In this article, I discuss some important points as to why playing the bass with a pick is helpful so that you can decide for yourself if it’s a style that’s right …

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The 5 Best Telecasters For Metal

best telecasters for metal

Telecasters can be metal machines, and while there have been a handful of notable guitarists who have used them, like John 5 and Jim Root, this type of guitar model is pretty underrated in the genre. This article will share some of the best telecaster and t-style guitars so you can take advantage of their …

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Why Guitar Pickups Matter & Make A Difference In Your Sound

guitar pickup differences

Alongside your amp and effects, your guitar pickups are one of the only ways to change the sound that is produced by your guitar. In this article, you will learn the different ways that pickups can shape your guitar tone, and if you were considering a change, perhaps this can prompt you to look into …

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