What Are Baritone Guitars Used For?

benefits of baritone guitars

Baritone guitars have been around for a while, but they’ve only recently started to gain a lot of popularity. This is because there is one major benefit to using them, and it can make all of the difference in the world depending on the type of music you play. This article will discuss the primary …

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The 5 Best Classical & Nylon String Guitars For Under $500

top nylon string guitars under 500

There are a lot of different factors that go into finding the best classical guitar for you, and budget is definitely one of them. If your budget is specifically limited to $500, you’re in luck because there are fantastic options out there from reputable brands like Yamaha and Cordoba that will fit right into your …

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6 Tips For Learning Fingerstyle Bass Technique

playing bass with fingers

For many people learning the bass guitar, fingerstyle playing is often the go-to technique people start with and usually stick with it for their whole journey because you can use it for different styles of music. This technique can be applied to a wide range of genres, from rock, metal, pop, jazz, and country. While …

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The 3 Best Guitar Scale Books To Fast-Track Your Playing

scale books for guitar

If you’re looking for scale books made for guitarists that can help you improve your skills and allow you to be able to write great riffs and solos, you’ve landed at the right place. It’s a good idea to have knowledge of scales and an understanding of when to apply certain ones, and to learn …

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