The Best Durable Bass Gig Bags & Cases For Easy Handling

No matter where you’re headed off to, it’s a good idea to always have some type of gig bag or case to secure and transport your bass guitar. Basses are pretty robust instruments, so you’ll want something that you can comfortably and reliably move yours in, and in this article, I will share some of the best cases and gig bags for electric bass that you can depend on.

Donner Bass Guitar Gig Bag

If you’re looking for affordable accessories, Donner will always have your back, and this is especially with their bass gig bag that you can carry your instrument in. While it’s quite budget-friendly, this cheap bag doesn’t mean low-quality, and I highly recommend this nylon gig bag because it protects the instrument well with sufficient padding (10mm) and waterproof fabrics. 

One caveat I’d like to point out, though, is that even though it can accommodate just about any bass shape, this 47-inch gig bag is mainly intended for full-sized basses. So, if you’re a beginner who happens to have a short-scale bass, you could opt for something a little bit smaller like the next bag if you’re not comfortable having some extra wiggle room in there. However, those with a regular-sized instrument will be just fine with this one as well as any of the others on this list.

ChromaCast Padded Bass Gig Bag

For people who are searching for the perfect combination of affordability, durability, and comfortability, this ChromaCast bass gigbag is easily one of the best lightweight nylon ones for bass players of all skill levels because, for a case under $50, this one really does it all.

This one is slightly smaller than the Donner one, but it offers more storage. Seriously, you won’t have any difficulty finding any space to store your essentials. There’s even plenty of room to comfortably secure their bass books and lesson materials as well. Other than that, it offers many of the same perks as the Donner, but you’d be paying slightly more for the extra storage. Those who are looking for extra security should look on ahead!

Gator Cases 4G Series Bass Gig Bag

Speaking of paying a little bit more, Gator is a brand well-known for creating excellent quality storage solutions for guitarists and bassists, which is why I will be recommending a few different of their products in this guide. This one in particular is made for people who are looking for a nice bass gig bag for under $100, and I think it’s worthwhile for those who don’t mind shelling out a little extra for some more padding.

Compared to the ChromaCast, this nylon Gator one offers 20mm of interior padding! I also believe that certain aspects of the build quality are slightly better, such as the zippers. The only downside is that it doesn’t have as much storage, but for the most part, you should be able to get most of your goodies in this one. However, this tiny issue is rectified with the next Gator gig bag I want to show you.

Gator Cases Pro-Go Ultimate Bass Gig Bag

This is quite possibly the cream of the crop when it comes to gig bags, and it definitely lives up to the “ultimate” in its name. At first glance, it might look like a slightly upgraded bag, but in reality, this is more like a hybrid between a gig bag and a hardshell case, which I think is a fantastic design that offers the best of both worlds.

This is because the interior is super-padded with micro-fleece, and it’s molded in a way that resembles a standard case, so you’ll get optimum durability and protection without losing the practical benefits of gig bags, which is a lightweight solution to carrying around your instrument and your accessories. However, this bass gig bag or soft case will run you about $200 or so, but this will be worth it for the serious performing musician who is always on the move.


SKB Rectangular Soft Bass Case

Like Gator, SKB is also one of the most reputable manufacturers of high-quality instrument cases. However, what’s cool about SKB is that they don’t just make cases for music gear; they mold them for sports and other hobbies as well. If you dig the concept of the Gator soft case I just mentioned, but the price is a bit too steep for you, I have a fantastic alternative that might be better suited for your budget.

This soft bass case is very comfortable, durable, and lightweight at the same time, and the foam and plush interior will accommodate most standard bass shapes, so if you use a Precision or Jazz bass design, you’re set with this one. It has plenty of storage as well. For under $200, I think this bass soft case is an excellent deal for people who want a gigbag and hardshell case hybrid.

Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Bass Case

While gigbags get the job done just fine, some people love the classy look of having a hardshell case, and it also gives some more peace of mind to plenty of individuals. Believe it or not, hard cases can be quite affordable too, and this Gator bass case is actually significantly cheaper than their Ultimate gig bag I talked about before.

When it comes to the majority of hardshell cases, there isn’t that much to expect in terms of features, as they offer pretty much the same standard stuff, but I liked this Deluxe one in particular because it’s the best value when it comes to durability, storage, and importantly, protection thanks to its Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic exterior and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam interior. Gator has a cheaper hardshell wood case available that’s really good, but I think you’ll get more mileage out of this one, which is why I recommended this one over it.


SKB iSeries 3i-5014-OP Open Cavity Bass Case

Saving the very best for last, I’m recommending the SKB 3i 5014-OP hardshell bass case. The OP in the model name stands for an open cavity, meaning it can accommodate a variety of different bass shapes and is one of the most heavy-duty bass cases that you’ll find on the market. 

The bass guitar hard case is made from polypropylene copolymer resin exterior and plush interior, which is incredibly strong and resistant to humidity changes and air pressure. It’s also designed to be totally waterproof. Everything about this case just looks and feels amazing; however, being 19lbs in weight, this one is considerably heavier than other hardshell cases, but it does have wheels that can compensate for that and make it easy to transport. This case is ideal for the touring musician, especially ones who plan on flying to their next gigs.


So, those are some of the best bass gig bags and cases that I could recommend. I would highly suggest you invest in either a gig bag or hard case to protect your instrument while you’re transporting it. Regardless if you’re a beginner who is learning the bass or you’re an experienced one touring across the world, there is a reliable bass case or gigbag that you can feel confident in. Here are the ones talked about in this guide:

  • Donner Bass Guitar Gig Bag
  • ChromaCast Padded Bass Gig Bag
  • Gator Cases 4G Series Bass Gig Bag
  • Gator Cases Pro-Go Ultimate Bass Gig Bag
  • SKB Rectangular Soft Bass Case
  • Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Bass Case
  • SKB iSeries 3i-5014-OP Open Cavity Bass Case

There you have it; you can count on any of these to serve its purpose and make transporting your bass guitar around easier without worrying about damaging it. I hope you find the perfect one for your current situation and needs!

If you’re interested in utilizing your gig bass or case to its fullest, then you’ll want to fill up the storage with all of the important gadgets you’ll use and carry around with you. Check out my guide to essential bass accessories, where you’ll find some good stuff that you can store inside it. It’s always good to be prepared!