Sit Comfortably With The Best Guitar Chairs & Stools

Practicing the guitar or bass takes a lot of time and commitment, which means that you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible when playing. 

Most individuals will spend the majority of their sessions sitting down, so a reliable chair is highly-recommended to put you in a good position that’s conducive to relaxed playing. In this article, I’ve found a handful of excellent choices for anyone looking to have a solid base while sitting down, which will keep you playing and having fun for extended periods of time.

Wee’s Beyond Folding Stool

The Wee’s Beyond Folding Stool isn’t necessarily a chair that’s specifically designed for guitarists in mind like some of the others I’ll share in this article, but this is definitely one that’s better than your generic office or dining room chair, it will help get the job done effectively, and it’s pretty affordable!

As the name suggests, this seat has a lightweight frame that is foldable, and it also consists of a nice padded surface and backrest, and it doesn’t have armrests that will get in the way and make you feel cramped up. This is optimal for people who play guitar and bass.

While the thick padding makes it super comfortable to sit on, and the 18” seat height is suitable for a lot of people, it’s possible this size can run a little short for some taller individuals. So, if you’d prefer a taller chair, you might enjoy some of the other options out there. 

Still, for around $40, it’s one of the best value chairs out there with qualities that guitar players love. If you’re looking for a multipurpose seat that has a simple, no-frills design, this one will do just fine for you, but as you continue to read, you’ll find some more stools and chairs that might pique your interest if you’re looking for some extra features.

Wee’s Beyond Cushioned Padded Folding Stool
  • 12-Inch Diameter Padded Seating Top
  • Seat height 18″; Can hold up to 220lbs
  • Thick Cushioned Comfortable Design
  • Metal frame and soft polyester cushion filling
  • Light and compact, bring your new Game Time folding stool with you anywhere!

Donner Guitar Stool

While the previous one is a budget-friendly chair that you might enjoy, the Donner Guitar Stool is a fantastic choice for guitarists who are looking for features that are specifically catered to them. For under $100, you get just that, and in my opinion, Donner makes good quality accessories for guitarists and bassists that are reasonably priced, in general.

That being said, this stool’s padding is put together from a durable and comfortable spongy material that is built for long-term use, and although this seat is not adjustable and stands at roughly 3 feet up, it is considerably higher up. 

Most individuals, aside from kids, won’t need to worry about it being too high up because there is an area for you to rest your feet on, but I don’t recommend it for classical guitarists because it might be too high up to use your footstool and have proper technique. It’s awesome for steel-string acoustic and electric guitar players, though!

Overall, it is a sturdy seat that you can depend on, and I think the built-in guitar stand is a convenient feature to have too. It doesn’t have a backrest, but this isn’t always necessary because a lot of players will perform with a slightly forward lean; however, they are nice to lean on when taking short breaks. If this seems like a feature that’s important to you, be sure to check out the guitar chair coming up next.

Donner Guitar Stool Seat, Foldable Guitar Stand Chair with Guitar Holder for Guitar Players and Musicians
  • High-density sponges-High-density sponges prevent your guitar seat from deforming after prolonged use.
  • Designed for guitarists- More than just a stool, the guitar holder is designed to make you and the guitar no longer far away, and it is easier to practice the guitar.
  • Non-skid design -Donner guitar stool is equipped with rubber non-skid sleeves to prevent guitar seat from shifting when you playing the guitar. High quality steel bracket with X -Style design makes it very stable.
  • Stable and safe-Not inferior to the ordinary guitar stand, the guitar holder on the guitar bench has a sponge and is adjusted to the right height, the guitar will not produce any collision and friction.
  • Quality after-sales guarantee, you can rest assured to buy our products.

Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat

You might already be familiar with the Gator brand, as they are well-known for having great-quality gigbags and cases, but some people don’t know that they also manufacture furniture for musicians, such as seats and stands. With that in mind, this Gator Frameworks guitar chair shares many similarities in design with Donner’s, but with some little differences that many individuals might value greatly.

Firstly, unlike the Donner guitar seat, this one has a backrest, which pretty much speaks for itself – it’s there if you need that extra support. Secondly, the seat height is non-adjustable at around 27”. While it’s fixed at this height, I believe this level is perfect for accommodating most people, and with the alloy steel frame, this guitar seat can also support up to 300 pounds.

While the Donner is about $75 and this Gator one is around $100, you’re essentially paying extra for the backrest since there is a version without it that’s almost around the same price as the Donner stool. 

However, with the Gator, you have the option to decide if you need one or not, whereas the Donner doesn’t have one with a backrest, as far as I know. So, if you like this style of guitar chair and prefer a backrest on yours, this one will do the trick.

Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat with Padded Cushion, Ergonomic Backrest and Fold Out Guitar Stand; Holds both Acoustic and Electric Guitars (GFW-GTR-SEAT)
  • Guitar performance seat with built-in guitar stand. Holds acoustic, Electric and bass guitars
  • Collapsible design with quick release pin for compact storage
  • Durable, padded seat cushion with removable ergonomic backrest
  • 300lb weight capacity
  • Some assembly required, Hardware included

CedarsLink LK-STU Adjustable Chair

One of the best chairs out there is one that’s made for all musicians who spend a great deal of their time performing while sitting down. This chair by Cedarslink is totally adjustable, which is a feature that all of the previous chairs lacked, but it makes sense why this is necessary because the drummers, keyboardists, and other musicians who can also enjoy this chair don’t sit at the same heights as each other. 

Because of this, you can adjust this from 23 to 32 inches by moving it up and down the latches and locking the seat in place. You can also change the height of the back and footrests, which will help you get in the optimal position for you as an individual!

With its steel construction, it is durable and accommodates people up to 300lbs while simultaneously being lightweight and foldable, but this is quite standard these days for these kinds of seats.

Typically sitting at roughly $150, this chair is admittedly quite pricy, but essentially, you’re getting a super reliable chair that’s also customizable. It’s also perfect if you happen to play other instruments, too; you won’t have to purchase two separate seats if you have just one that does everything right.

Vivo USA Adjustrite Musician’s Chair

Lastly, it might not look like anything special at first glance, but this generic-looking musician’s chair is actually one that is well-built and easy to use, and the legs are adjustable!

At its lowest, this chair sits at 15” and is expandable up to 20”, so the seat is closer to the ground than the others, but this one is definitely one of the best chairs for classical guitarists due to the need to reinforce good posture, but it’s also fantastic for those who enjoy other guitars and simply don’t want to be as elevated when they play.

Of course, as you’d expect, the cushion on the seat and back is very comfortable, but at the same time, it does have some stiffness to it. This aspect isn’t necessarily bad, as you want a fabric that’s made to last for years, especially at this price point – this chair will cost you about $250.

Like the previous one, this musician’s chair is not only suitable for guitarists but others too. If you play another instrument of any kind, you might be hard-pressed to find one that tops this one. The chair doesn’t appear that high-tech or fancy, but it will be one of the best investments you can make if it fits your budget because, unless you live somewhere where natural disasters happen, you probably won’t need to replace this chair.

ADJUSTRITE Musician’s Chair by Vivo USA
  • The “ADJUSTRITE” Musician’s Chair just may be the greatest musicians chair ever!
  • The padded back gives you enough support to help you sit correctly, making it very comfortable for those long gigs or practice sessions.
  • You can easily adjust the height of the chair, so it will fit both children and adults equally well. Buttons on the legs adjust the leg height in 1″ increments, so you can adjust the chair to suit yourself comfortably, whether you prefer a flat seat or a slight downward slope.
  • Folds up neatly and easily for convenient transport and storage
  • This well-designed, comfortable, sturdy, easy-to-use, adjustable folding chair will be a great addition to your music room or studio


The best chair for a guitarist will depend on the individual, but as you can see, many of them have a lot of similar features that make them ideal for playing the guitar, such as a padded seat, no arms, and a place to prop your foot up on and get yourself in a good position.

Though, as you can see, some other aspects make each of these unique such as backrests and built-in guitar stands, as well as coming in different heights, with a couple of these chairs being adjustable to your liking.

Without a doubt, there is a chair or stool here that will be perfect for you and your preferred style of guitar playing, so I hope that one of them will serve you well and bring you the comfort that you’ve been missing out on in your guitar practice.