The Best Stands & Racks For Guitar & Bass

Having a guitar stand or rack that you can count on is vital to keep your instrument safe when you’re not playing it. Believe it or not, having a guitar or bass on a stand nearby will also make you want to play more because you can conveniently pick it up and start jamming again rather than storing it in a case when you’re done for the time being.

Here, I will show you some of the different options you have for guitar stands and recommend some of the best product choices you can’t go wrong with. 

Cahaya Tripod-Style Stand

The tripod guitar stands are the most common type you’ll find out there and tend to be the most affordable ones too!

It’s a design that’s tried and tested, so if you’re looking for a cheap and basic stand, these are a great choice. 

There are a ton of tripod-style guitar stands, but I chose the one by Cahaya because I like the bevels on the arms. Not only is it more secure, but it’s also more accommodating to various body shapes, making them superb for different guitars and basses.

Speaking of body shapes, another reason this guitar stand by Cahaya is great is that you can adjust the height of the arms. This is particularly nice if you have a V-shaped guitar so that the fins don’t touch the ground and add dings and dents to the wood and chip the paint on your instrument.

CAHAYA Guitar Stand Floor – Folding Universal Guitar Holder for Acoustic Electric Guitars Bass Guitar (Black)
  • Umbrella-Shaped Structure Sturdy Base: We add three thick metal support bars to the base to provide additional support for the entire guitar stand. Tripod legs extend farther outwards for a steadier footing. Anti-slip rubber feet to hold a firm grip on the floor. Once the guitar stand is installed and put the guitar in place, it will be very stable and has no chance of falling over. The height of the base is adjustable from 5.1-8.7inch.

On Stage GS7364 A-Frame Stand

When you first look at them, A-frame guitar stands may not appear to be the most secure, but they are perfectly safe if you take some precautions.

These stands are very sturdy, but because they don’t have neck support, you’ll have to be mindful of where your guitar is so that you don’t accidentally bump into it and knock it over. Ideally, with these, you’ll also want to keep it away from kids or pets if you have any.

Some of the most significant advantages of A-frame stands are that they’re super-portable, don’t take up much space, and are effortless to use, so it’s easy to pick up, play, and set it down when you’re done.

For A-frame guitar stands, I recommend the On Stage GS7364 because it has the same beveled arms as the Cahaya tripod stand mentioned before, it’s collapsable, and it has three pins that you can adjust to the width of your guitar or bass. 

On-Stage GS7364 Collapsible A-Frame Guitar Stand,Black
  • Durable A-frame guitar stand collapses for ease of storage and portability
  • Locking pin adjusts to 3 positions
  • Stepped yoke holds both acoustic and electric guitars
  • EVA rubber padding won’t damage your guitar
  • 10-degree tilt back angle and splayed foot print make for a stable foundation

Hercules GS415BPLUS AutoGrip Stand

Hercules is one of the most highly-regarded brands known for creating some of the best wall-mounted guitar hangers, but they also make amazing guitar stands too.

One of the reasons why Hercules is loved by so many is because of the AutoGrip technology, which is the best in the business in terms of reliability, and why people count on them when hanging an instrument on the wall.

Here, Hercules offers that same AutoGrip technology and adds it to a tripod-style stand, the GS415BPLUS. However, this Hercules guitar stand isn’t your ordinary tripod guitar stand in that the guitar’s body doesn’t sit on its arms; instead, it hangs, and the body rests on the legs of the stand.

The foam rubber used on the legs where your guitar or bass will make contact is also some of the best around to keep your guitar safe and looking nice, and of course, it’s also height-adjustable, allowing you to find the sweet spot for any instrument. Overall, these are some of the most secure stands for storing away just one guitar or bass at a time.

Hercules GS415BPLUS AutoGrip System Guitar Stand
  • The folding built-in Auto Grip System safely locks the instrument in place. The AGS yoke is designed to accommodate more guitar neck sizes from 40 mm – 52 mm (1.57” – 2.05”) including classic, acoustic, electric and bass guitars.
  • The attached N.I.N.A. (Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment, HA301) are specially designed to increase the thickness of AGS arms to accommodate narrow neck instruments from min. 28 mm (1.10”) like banjos and mandolins.
  • The Instant Height Adjustment Clutch with Locking Pin adjusts stand height quickly, easily and securely.

Rok-It 3-Space Multi-Rack

If you’re like millions of other guitars or bassists out there (or both!), chances are, you probably own more than one instrument.

That’s where multi-guitar racks come into play to make it easier on you. Sure, having multiple stands for individual instruments can get the job done just fine, but these are a convenient way to keep them together and save space in your home or music studio.

With that in mind, if you’re looking for a more affordable option to do this, the Rok-It rack that holds three guitars is an awesome one for your guitar storage solutions. Because of their width, multi-guitar frames like this Rok-It one are amongst the sturdiest, and the foam padding your instruments will rest on is durable. 

However, the only drawback I’ve found is that it’s mainly suitable for electric guitars and basses; unfortunately, you won’t be able to get three acoustic guitars on this one. If you need more room or happen to have more than three guitars, check out the next one.

Rok-It Multi Guitar Stand Rack with Folding Design; Holds up to 3 Electric or Acoustic Guitars (RI-GTR-RACK3)
  • Designed to Hold up to (3) Acoustic or Electric Guitars
  • Black Powder Coated Finish
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Foam Padding Protects Instruments (Safe for standard polyeurethane finishes, not recommended for vintage/lacquer finishes)
  • Convenient Folding Design

Hercules GS525B 5-Space Rack

Returning to Hercules’ stuff once more, the GS525B is easily one of the best multi-guitar racks around, which isn’t surprising because they offer innovative and top-of-the-line goods for everything they do.

While the Rok-It one is an excellent affordable multi-guitar rack, this Hercules GS525B is considerably pricier, but it’s higher quality and addresses the main issue that the Rok-It 3-guitar rack had regarding spacing.

If you have three acoustic guitars, this is the rack you’ll want, and you’ll still have room for electric guitars and basses, too. If you’re one who basically only plays electric instruments, you’ll be totally set with this rack.

What’s nice about this multi-guitar stand is that you can adjust the yokes and the foam (which is the best kind, mind you) so that it fits just right with each individual guitar or bass. In fact, you can also buy additional pieces and expand on the rack, supporting even beyond five electric guitars.

Hercules Stands GS525B 5 Space Guitar Rack Black
  • Accommodates five acoustic/electric/bass guitars with specially formulated foam (SFF) covering all contacting points of the body
  • One piece design for easy setup and carrying makes this stand the ultimate choice for stage or studio use
  • Yoke position is adjustable for a perfect fit for acoustic, electric and bass guitars


I consider having a guitar stand or rack essential for all guitarists, and whether you’re new and looking for one for your first guitar or you’ve amassed a collection of guitars and looking for the best new toy, there’s something for you here.

Hopefully, one of these makes its way to your home, studio, or even when performing live, and feel free to look around my blog to find additional gear recommendations, especially ones about other accessories you’ll want to have handy. Here are just a few for you to check out if you’re interested in more resources:

With that said, thank you for reading, and I’m confident you’ll find the perfect guitar and bass solutions here that will not only serve your needs but also fit your budget!