Comfortable & Durable: The Best Guitar Straps Under $50

A reliable guitar strap is an accessory that you should never overlook, and it’s essential if you plan on playing your guitar standing up. Straps are meant to support the weight of the guitar, reduce stress on your neck and shoulders, and offer you freedom and control while you’re performing.

These are features that people can benefit from even when playing while sitting down too, and many people also use a strap while sitting because it helps keep them in the same position. Therefore, transitioning back and forth from sitting and standing is consistent and effortless.

So, in this article, I will share with you some of the best guitar straps you can count on to support you while playing, no matter which way you prefer or what kind of guitar you use!

Ernie Ball Polypro Standard Strap

The Ernie Ball Polypro Standard is easily one of the best-value guitar straps you can find. Sure, it doesn’t have a lot in terms of features, but for a guitar strap that’s around $10, you get a decently-wide one (2”) that’s well-made, affordable for beginners, and adjustable to your liking.

In fact, this strap has a really wide adjustment range, going from 41” to 72”. It might be overkill for a lot of people, but it’s nice to know your strap won’t ever be too short. Although you’ll be covered with length, if you want something wider, some other suggestions here might be better.

D’Addario Woven Strap

Woven guitar straps are some of the most popular ones amongst guitarists because they often come in many different colors and designs that can complement their instrument. Although you definitely can find variety in other types of straps, woven ones, by far, have the most options.

Woven straps aren’t usually the most durable kind of guitar straps, but they are sufficient enough, especially for beginners. The D’Addario ones, in particular, are supported with a nylon backing and have leather ends, and for around $25, woven straps like these are highly-adjustable and comfortable, which also contributes to their popularity.


Perri’s Leathers Basic Leather Strap

When it comes to leather straps, this basic one by Perri’s Leathers is one of the most affordable ones that you can get your hands on. For under $20, you get a real leather strap that’s 2.5 inches wide and comes in different sizes that suits your personal preferences. 

It’s definitely one of the best leather guitar straps for the money, especially if you’re looking for something simple. However, because it is a quality strap made with genuine leather, keep in mind that it might take some time to break in before it starts feeling its best, and for some, this might be a downside. So it’s just something to consider!


Levy’s Leathers Hand-Brushed Suede Strap

Another very budget-friendly leather strap worth looking into is this suede one by Levy’s Leathers. I personally think suede is pretty classy looking and definitely an excellent choice for acoustic guitar, especially at the $30 price point.

Like the previous leather strap, this one is also 2.5” wide, but the main difference is that this one offers a broader adjustability range (38”- 53”) and feels considerably tougher and more luxurious, in my opinion. Even though it’s a nice-looking material, as mentioned before, the leather may need some time to stretch out and feel more comfortable on your body, which isn’t something you need to do with some of the other materials that straps use in this guide.


D’Addario Auto Lock Nylon Strap

Getting into straps with some useful features, we have the D’Addario Auto Lock, which, as you probably can tell, offers locking strap ends that securely attach to the strap buttons on your guitar. While installing actual strap locks is still regarded as ideal, this is still an affordable alternative and probably sufficient if you’re just playing at home and not moving around like crazy on stage.

Like the woven straps, it’s also made from nylon, which isn’t incredibly thick, but it’s pretty soft, leading it to be nice and comfortable, and it’s adjustable from 30 to 55 inches. For around $30, I think it’s of great value; however, if you need something a bit more robust, check out the next strap coming up.


KLIQ Aircell Neoprene Padded Strap

I love the KLIQ Aircell Strap, and it’s an amazing choice if you happen to play bass as well since the neoprene pad is 3-inches wide and has a lot of additional padding on the inside with the air cells. This, along with the leather ends, makes it one of the best straps on the market if you’re looking for a great balance of comfort and reliability. 

In my opinion, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing strap to look at, but it is basically the best in terms of functionality. At around $40, it is a bit pricier than some of the others, but it’s built to support you for years and keep you pain-free. It comes in different sizes, but their regular one, which can be adjusted from 46” to 56”, should be sufficient for most people.

Ernie Ball 3” Neoprene Polylock Strap

The Ernie Ball Neoprene Polylock guitar strap essentially combines the best of both worlds with the D’Addario & KLIQ ones that were previously mentioned. It’s not as padded as the last one, nor is it as long (adjustable from 46” to 52”), but if you’re looking for another super-comfortable neoprene strap that’s 3-inches wide while also offering locking strap ends, this one is probably right around your alley. 

You can also typically find this one for around $40, so it’s not super cheap, but you can also be assured that this strap is not cheaply made and one that you probably won’t need to replace unless you decide you want to go with a regular strap and use strap locks instead somewhere down the line.


No matter if you enjoy electric or acoustic guitars, one of these straps is bound to be the perfect one because they come in various sizes, styles, and materials.

Either way, they all do a great job of keeping your instrument secure and help you feel good while playing sitting down or standing. Not only that, they’re all reasonably priced, and there’s something here that is suitable for different budgets. 

Even if you prefer to play sitting down without using a strap, it’s always reassuring to know that you have a reliable guitar strap there for those times when you need it. Like many of the best guitar accessories, a solid strap doesn’t need to cost a ton of money, and some of these can last for almost forever if you take care of them.

One more thing, if you decide to pick up one of the straps that have built-in locks, I highly recommend getting some strap locks, especially if you play an electric guitar and intend on playing live. A lot of these straps are sturdy and should stay fastened to the button on your guitar, but investing a little bit into some nice strap locks will give you some peace of mind. You can greatly reduce the odds of having unexpected accidents while you’re playing that can potentially injure you and damage your instrument.