Stay Secured With The Best Strap Locks For Guitar & Bass

If you’re a proud guitar owner, having a pair of strap locks can give you the confidence and peace of mind that your guitar strap will stay attached to your instrument. 

Without them, there’s no telling if or when your strap becomes loose, which can be disastrous if you drop your guitar, especially while standing up and performing live!

Guitar strap locks are one of the most affordable ways to protect your instrument while you’re playing, and in this guide, I will share with you some of the best strap locks you can purchase, easily install onto your guitar or bass, come in different finishes, and importantly, will keep everything secure.

Dunlop Straplok Dual Design

Known for their accessories, especially guitar picks, Dunlop has also been making strap locks for a few decades now, and their Straplok retainer systems are easily some of the most popular ones out there.

This classic button-style strap lock is very durable, and the only way your strap will be released is by pressing on it. The strap lock also doesn’t wobble or shift much, so it’s very sturdy in this regard, but it can rotate 360 degrees. 

However, you can expect these features from any of the strap locks in this guide, which you’ll learn more about as you keep reading.

Ernie Ball Super Locks

Ernie Ball is another name you’re most likely familiar with because they’re primarily known for their guitar strings, which are some of the best value around. Like those, their strap locks are also extremely reliable and reasonably priced.

The Ernie Ball Super Locks are just as good as the Dunlop ones, in my opinion, in that they are very solid and will get the job done. 

One of the main differences, though, is that to release your strap, this features a pinch-style button mechanism, which is something you might prefer over the other designs out there. Ernie Ball also makes great guitar straps for the price, and you can find some here if you want your strap to match your locks!

Schaller S-Locks

Last but not least, Schaller is believed to be the pioneer of modern-style strap locks, and their reputation for creating the most stable and durable components applies to the S-locks as well as their Floyd Roses. Seriously, Schaller Floyd Roses are some of the best around!

The S-locks, also known as Security Locks, offer a simple yet unique design that involves sliding the button onto the lock and fastening it and a locking wheel that you can tighten up.

To release your strap, you simply use the pull-up mechanism and slide it out of the lock, which actually feels quite satisfying to use. I’d also like to point out that these Schaller S-locks also look quite classy and will complement just about any luxury guitar.



There are a lot of different locks out there that work, but if you want a pair that will reassure you that your guitar or bass strap will stay on, especially while you’re performing, you’ll want one of these metal strap locks. Overall, they’re one of the cheapest upgrades you can make that actually provide a lot of value to you. 

The Schaller S-locks are a little pricier compared to their competitors, and I would rate them the highest, but the Ernie Ball and Dunlop ones are fantastic too, and you can often find those for around $20.

You can’t really go wrong with any of these, and I genuinely hope that one of these will be your go-to strap locks. Who knows, if you have multiple guitars or basses, you could even give all of them a fair shot sometime. 

Like with guitar and bass straps, and even all accessories, in general, the best ones are really a matter of preference and can often be grouped into a handful of choices – it’s up to you, the player, to decide which one looks the best to you!