An Introduction To Tuning A Bass Guitar For Beginners

tuning a bass guitar

Learning how to tune your bass guitar is essential for any bassist. Whether you’re a budding musician or a seasoned pro, knowing how to tune a bass correctly can significantly enhance the quality of your sound and performance.  This guide will walk you through all the necessary steps and provide you with some useful tips …

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Jam Comfortably With The Best Lightweight Bass Guitars!

best lightweight bass guitars

Many basses can be heavy, and, for many people, playing can take a toll on your back and shoulders, especially during long practice sessions or performances.  If you’re experiencing back problems or simply want a more comfortable and portable instrument, finding a lighter bass guitar is the way to go. Here, I will show you …

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The Best Stands & Racks For Guitar & Bass

best stands for guitars and basses

Having a guitar stand or rack that you can count on is vital to keep your instrument safe when you’re not playing it. Believe it or not, having a guitar or bass on a stand nearby will also make you want to play more because you can conveniently pick it up and start jamming again …

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The Best J-Bass Pickups For Unmatched Tone

best jazz bass pickups

As a musician, you probably already know how important it is to have the right tools to create the sound you want, and for bass, your pickups are no exception and can play a significant role in this. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the best jazz bass pickups available on …

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The 5 Best Acoustic Basses For Under $1000

best acoustic bass guitars under 1000

Acoustic bass guitars might not be as widely used as their electric counterparts, but they are well-loved by people who appreciate them. Whether you’re part of an acoustic ensemble or will be in the future, or you simply want one for your own enjoyment, here you will find fantastic choices that sound great and will …

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Is It Bad To Play Bass Through A Guitar Amp?

can you play bass through a guitar amp

A common question that pops up, usually amongst guitar players looking to get a bass or have recently purchased one, is whether or not they can play their bass using a guitar amplifier. This brief article will discuss some of the problems with playing bass with a guitar amp and why you should consider getting …

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The Best 6-String Basses For Under $1000

best 6 string bass guitars under 1000

Having a six-string bass can open up new horizons in your playing, but they can be considerably pricier than their four and 5-string counterpart because of the raw materials, hardware, and construction required to support that sixth string. 6-string basses are also a bit more niche and less commonly used than the others, so many …

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Does Boiling Your Bass Guitar Strings Actually Work?

does boiling bass strings work?

‍A concept that you might have heard recently or at some point in your bass-playing journey is the act of cleaning your bass strings in boiling hot water. It might sound bizarre, but it’s actually a common practice among many bassists to boil their strings after prolonged use. But does this simple ritual truly work, …

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