Is It Bad To Play Bass Through A Guitar Amp?

can you play bass through a guitar amp

A common question that pops up, usually amongst guitar players looking to get a bass or have recently purchased one, is whether or not they can play their bass using a guitar amplifier. This brief article will discuss some of the problems with playing bass with a guitar amp and why you should consider getting …

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The Best 6-String Basses For Under $1000

best 6 string bass guitars under 1000

Having a six-string bass can open up new horizons in your playing, but they can be considerably pricier than their four and 5-string counterpart because of the raw materials, hardware, and construction required to support that sixth string. 6-string basses are also a bit more niche and less commonly used than the others, so many …

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Does Boiling Your Bass Guitar Strings Actually Work?

does boiling bass strings work?

‍A concept that you might have heard recently or at some point in your bass-playing journey is the act of cleaning your bass strings in boiling hot water. It might sound bizarre, but it’s actually a common practice among many bassists to boil their strings after prolonged use. But does this simple ritual truly work, …

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Can You Use Guitar Pedals For Bass?

should bassists use guitar pedals

Guitar and bass pedals can look almost identical to one another, but can they be used interchangeably? As with most things, it really depends; however, this article will discuss some things you should consider before trying to run some guitar pedals through your bass rig and, hopefully, help you make the right purchases in the …

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