Can You Use Guitar Pedals For Bass?

should bassists use guitar pedals

Guitar and bass pedals can look almost identical to one another, but can they be used interchangeably? As with most things, it really depends; however, this article will discuss some things you should consider before trying to run some guitar pedals through your bass rig and, hopefully, help you make the right purchases in the …

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Precise & Punchy: The Best P-Bass Pickups

top precision bass pickups

Along with the Jazz bass, the Precision basses have set the standard in electric bass design and have been used in countless genres, Their powerful sound has made it a popular choice for rock, punk, and metal, but their distinctive thump has also led to being widely used in pop, funk, R&B, and related styles …

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The Top 3 Bass EQ Pedals To Shape Your Sound

best graphic eq for bass

Equalization (EQ) might not be as in-your-face as other effects for basses, such as overdrive and fuzz, but having one can make a night-and-day difference in your overall tone. Adjusting specific frequencies allows you to craft the perfect bass tone that helps you fit in or stand out in a mix and simply sounds more …

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Why Do Some Bass Guitars Have Batteries?

why basses use batteries

People who are new to the bass may have come across several basses on the market that uses batteries. These are known as “active basses,” and the batteries involved in these serve an excellent and practical purpose. In this article, you’ll learn exactly the significance of the battery and why it’s used in so many …

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