Is Bass Easier Than Guitar? Which One Is Right For You?

is bass easier than electric guitar

Bass vs. guitar – which one is better? It’s a question that musicians have debated for years, and it’s a common one that comes up with beginners who are looking to start learning an instrument. Both instruments have pros and cons, and ultimately, the answer is up to the individual player. Here, we’ll take a …

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The 10 Best Bass Guitar Accessories Everyone Should Have

essential bass accessories

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bass player, there are more than a handful of gadgets you should own to make your life easier. This guide will discuss essential bass accessories that should be a part of all bassists’ toolkits and will help you find them if you don’t have them already. 1. Tuner …

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Why Bassists Should Take The Time To Learn About Chords

learning chords on bass

While bass players won’t find themselves strumming or hitting chords too often on their instruments, learning about chords and how they’re made is an essential part of music theory that can significantly benefit your ability as a bass player. This article will discuss why understanding chords is vital to bassists and how you can approach …

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4 Reasons You Should Play Bass With A Pick

can you play bass with a pick

An endless debate that has existed regarding bass playing is the question of whether or not you should use a pick when playing. In this article, I discuss some important points as to why playing the bass with a pick is helpful so that you can decide for yourself if it’s a style that’s right …

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