The Top 5 Distortion Pedals For Metal

best distortion pedals for metal

Distortion is the most crucial effect in metal music, and it takes time to craft the perfect tone regardless of which subgenre you prefer. Sometimes our amps don’t have great-sounding distortion to begin with, or you need that extra kick to take things to the next level, and that’s where a good distortion pedal comes …

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The Best Electric Guitar Gig Bags & Cases Under $200

electric guitar gig bags and cases

Whether you’re looking for something inexpensive or willing to pay a bit more for that extra durability, there is the perfect case or bag for your electric guitar to help you safely store your instrument and make traveling around with it easier. In this guide, I will share with you some cases and gigbags for …

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Are Guitar Pedals Necessary Or Worth The Money?

are guitar pedals worth it

Guitar pedals have become an integral part of many guitarists’ setups but are they a necessity or simply a luxury? These are questions that many guitarists have asked themselves before, especially in recent times when effects technology has evolved. From giving your sound a more professional edge to taking your playing to the next level, …

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Do Guitar Pickup Covers Affect Your Tone?

can pickup covers affect your sound

‍Have you ever wondered if the covers on guitar pickups have any effect on the tone of your instrument? It’s a common question among guitarists that has sparked plenty of debate over the years. While some claim that pickup covers can make a difference in the sound of a guitar, others say they have no …

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