The Best Stratocaster Pickups For Blues

best stratocaster pickups for blues

While stock Stratocaster pickups can sound fantastic right out of the gate, blues guitarists often seek out something that can better capture the soulful, expressive tones associated with the genre.  Whether you’re into anything from the traditional sound to heavy blues, this article will share with you some awesome pickups for your strat that get …

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The Best Bass Multi-Effects Pedals For Under $500

best multi effects pedals for bass

Effects aren’t just for guitarists! If you’re a bassist who loves to experiment with different sounds, a multi-effects pedal is one of the most accessible and affordable ways to get many options in one place! Here, I am going to share with you some excellent multi-effects units for bass players that you can not only …

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The Best Guitar Case Humidifiers To Preserve Your Instrument

best humidifiers for guitar cases

Alongside a case, a humidifier is one of the greatest tools you have to protect the integrity of your guitar’s wood. Luckily, you can use them both together! In this article, I will discuss why a humidifier for your guitar case can be a game changer and share with you some of the best options …

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The 10 Best Classical Guitar Gig Bags & Hard Cases

best classical guitar gig bags and hard cases

Whether you need something to carry your classical guitar to lessons or you’re headed to a performance, having a suitable case is essential because it ensures the safety of your instrument and provides convenience and ease while traveling.  In this article, I will share the best classical guitar cases and gig bags that cater to …

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Unleash Your Sound: The Best 8-String Guitar Pickups

best pickups for 8-string guitars

The 8-string guitar is a powerful musical instrument that offers a unique range of tonal possibilities. However, to truly unlock the potential of an 8-string guitar, you need the right pickups, and some of the stock ones in cheaper models just don’t cut it! This guide will show you some of the finest 8-string guitar …

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Tidy Up Your Tone With The Best Noise Gate Pedals

best noise suppressor pedals for guitar

In the realm of guitar effects, noise gate pedals sometimes don’t receive the spotlight they deserve. While they may not add a new dimension to your sound, like a delay or overdrive pedal, they are crucial in ensuring your tone is clean and free from unwanted noise. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll talk about how …

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How To Polish & Clean Your Guitar Frets Thoroughly

how to polish guitar frets

‍Keeping your instrument in top shape is essential to keep it looking and playing nicely, and one crucial aspect of guitar maintenance is fret polishing. Just like the fretboard itself, the metal frets can accumulate dirt, grime, and oxidation over time, affecting your enjoyment of your guitar! In this article, I will guide you through …

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Display Your Guitar Or Bass With The Best Wall Hangers

best wall hangers for guitar and bass

As a musician, I totally understand the value and sentiment attached to instruments – they are not just tools but rather extensions of our creativity and passion. Hence, storing and displaying these precious items requires careful consideration. One practical and stylish way to do this is through a guitar wall hanger. Wall hangers are designed …

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