How To Find The Best Guitar Picks For Shredding

guitar picks for shredding

There’s no denying that fast guitar playing comes from practice and coordination. However, there is a fair chance that you may be holding yourself back with the guitar pick that you’ve been using up to this point. The type of pick you are using does make a difference when attempting to shred, and this article …

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How To Choose Guitar Pickups – A Rundown

how to choose guitar pickups

Without pickups, many of our instruments would not function at all. They are crucial, and there’s a lot to discuss when it comes to talking about guitar pickups and how they work. In this guide, I will help break everything down regarding the basics of guitar pickups for you, including things you should look for …

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Which Guitar Pedal Is Best? – Pt. 1: Top 5 Choices

best guitar pedals

Guitar effects pedals have been a staple in just about everyone’s rig. Some people may only depend on one or two, and others may have an enormous effects chain. The beauty of guitar pedals is that they are individualistic, and people will always have their favorites. This article will be your guide to some of …

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The Best Guitar Accessories For Beginners

what guitar accessories do I need

Along with your trusty guitar, there are some items that you won’t want to do without. These tools serve specific purposes, so you will want one when the situation calls for it.  If you’ve been wondering, “what guitar accessories do I need?” here’s a list of essential ones that you should never go without. There …

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