The Top 5 Affordable & Reliable Bass Guitar Straps

best bass straps

Whether you like practicing with your band, performing live, or if you simply enjoy playing your bass while standing up, you must find a sturdy bass guitar strap that provides you with great comfort and security. In this guide, I’ll recommend some of the best bass straps that should last you a long time while …

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Why Guitar Pickups Matter & Make A Difference In Your Sound

guitar pickup differences

Alongside your amp and effects, your guitar pickups are one of the only ways to change the sound that is produced by your guitar. In this article, you will learn the different ways that pickups can shape your guitar tone, and if you were considering a change, perhaps this can prompt you to look into …

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6 Reasons To Choose A Fixed Bridge On An Electric Guitar

hardtail bridge on guitar

Fixed bridges are some of the most popular types of bridges of all time, and for many, they are preferred over having a tremolo system. There are several benefits to having a fixed bridge, such as a hardtail, on your guitar, and this article will share some of the biggest reasons why you should consider …

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Chug Away With These Best 7-String Guitar Pickups For Metal

best 7-string guitar pickups

If you’re a 7-string guitar owner and love genres like death metal, progressive metal, djent, and nu-metal, having good guitar pickups can make a huge difference in getting the sound you’re looking for. This article will show you the best pickups for 7-string guitars that will help you get a more aggressive distorted sound and …

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