The Differences Between Bridge vs. Neck Pickups

differences between bridge and neck pickups

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, one of the most important considerations when playing an electric guitar is the types of pickups you have. Pickups are the components on the body of your guitar that translate the sound of the strings into electrical signals sent to an amplifier, and on most guitars, there …

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Stay Secured With The Best Strap Locks For Guitar & Bass

best strap locks for guitar and bass

If you’re a proud guitar owner, having a pair of strap locks can give you the confidence and peace of mind that your guitar strap will stay attached to your instrument.  Without them, there’s no telling if or when your strap becomes loose, which can be disastrous if you drop your guitar, especially while standing …

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Tune Up With The 5 Best Clip-On Guitar Tuners

best clip on tuners for guitar headstock

While there are a handful of different tuners anyone can pick from that will lead you to get your guitar or bass in tune, clip-on tuners that you place on your headstock are some of the most popular ones out there, and are especially used often by those who enjoy performing live or intend to …

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Can You Use Guitar Pedals For Bass?

should bassists use guitar pedals

Guitar and bass pedals can look almost identical to one another, but can they be used interchangeably? As with most things, it really depends; however, this article will discuss some things you should consider before trying to run some guitar pedals through your bass rig and, hopefully, help you make the right purchases in the …

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