The 5 Best Guitar Combo Amps For Under $500

best guitar combo amps under 500

A combo is one of two types of amplifiers that a guitarist can choose from and is favored by players of all different skill levels. The other kind is known as a standalone, which is more commonly known as a “head.” In reality, this part is the actual amp, and it is attached to speakers, …

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Should You Use A Solid State Guitar Amp?

solid state guitar amp

Solid state amps undeservingly get a lot of hate and backlash, especially when compared to their tubed counterparts. The truth is that by finding a decent one and a little bit of effort, anyone can make solid state guitar amp tone sound great, but how does it stack up against tubes? This article will run …

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Need a Small Practice Amp For Guitar? Check These Out!

small practice amp for guitar

When practicing the guitar, most people will always have to be sure that they will not disturb their neighbors or family members. If your plan is to cause a ruckus or you need something for an upcoming gig (or both), this guide to the best practice amps for guitar may not be for you. There …

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