The Benefits Of Ebony Fretboards

benefits of ebony fingerboards

Ebony is a fantastic type of wood that has been used for centuries as fingerboards for many stringed instruments, such as the violin, viola, and cello. So naturally, because of its qualities, ebony is also a popular choice for acoustic and electric guitars and basses too, and this article will discuss some of the reasons …

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How To Find Middle-C On The Guitar

find middle C on guitar

If you’ve ever played the piano or have been introduced to reading sheet music, you may have become acquainted with the term “middle-C,” which is the common name for C4, a specific pitch and its corresponding octave. Concert pitch middle-C or C4 is a vital reference point for musicians; after all, it’s directly in the …

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4 Easy Tips For Properly Cutting Your Guitar Strings

how to cut your guitar strings

Learning how to cut guitar strings might seem like a simple task, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier to do just right. If you want your guitar to look neat and you don’t want your new strings flopping around as you play, in this guide, I will show …

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How To Clean A Maple Fretboard (& Keep It Clean!)

how to clean a maple fretboard

Maple fretboards are absolutely beautiful, but to keep them that way, you’ll have to be a bit diligent – dirt, gunk, and other unsightly features can become a lot more apparent on this light-colored wood, and it will continue to build up on it.  Therefore, cleaning your maple fretboard on a regular basis is highly …

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