Is It Bad To Play Bass Through A Guitar Amp?

can you play bass through a guitar amp

A common question that pops up, usually amongst guitar players looking to get a bass or have recently purchased one, is whether or not they can play their bass using a guitar amplifier. This brief article will discuss some of the problems with playing bass with a guitar amp and why you should consider getting …

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10 Reasons Why Your Guitar Sounds Bad & How to Fix Them

why your guitar sounds bad

Are you a guitar player feeling frustrated because your guitar isn’t sounding as you think it should? You’re not alone. Many guitarists need help with getting their instruments to sound their best. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve the tone of your guitar and make it sound better than ever. This article …

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The Differences Between Bridge vs. Neck Pickups

differences between bridge and neck pickups

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, one of the most important considerations when playing an electric guitar is the types of pickups you have. Pickups are the components on the body of your guitar that translate the sound of the strings into electrical signals sent to an amplifier, and on most guitars, there …

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Does Boiling Your Bass Guitar Strings Actually Work?

does boiling bass strings work?

‍A concept that you might have heard recently or at some point in your bass-playing journey is the act of cleaning your bass strings in boiling hot water. It might sound bizarre, but it’s actually a common practice among many bassists to boil their strings after prolonged use. But does this simple ritual truly work, …

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