How Do 12-String Guitars Work? Everything You Need To Know

how 12 string guitars work

One question I’ve asked myself recently was “why don’t more people play 12-string guitars?” Very quickly, I realized that there is a preconceived notion that 12-string acoustic guitars are harder to play than ones with 6 strings. In my opinion, this is not the case, and in this article, I will explain why and also …

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Guitar Amp Care: When To Change Your Tubes

guitar amp care

Unlike solid states, a tube amp will require periodic maintenance, and the way this is done is by replacing its tubes. These amplifiers rely on their vacuum tubes to produce the volume and warmth that they are famous for. If there is some kind of complication going on with any of them, you may notice …

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Beginner Blues Guitar – How To Make Your Own Licks!

blues guitar lick

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play blues guitar licks like your favorite guitarists? Blues guitar players do have a lot of their own feel and personality when playing those expressive leads; however, there is a science behind how they make them. With a little bit of music theory and some technique advice, …

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How To Hold A Guitar Pick: A 3-Step Guide For Beginners

how to hold a guitar pick

With all of the excitement that comes with picking up a guitar for the first time, it’s understandable that learning how to hold a guitar pick correctly might go on the backburner for the time being. I was a beginner too at one point, and all I cared early on about was messing around, exploring …

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