5 Key Reasons You Should Use Guitar Tabs 

reasons to use guitar tablature

Guitar tablature, or tabs, sometimes get a bad rap, possibly because many of them found on the internet may be inaccurate. While tablature isn’t always note-for-note perfect, it can be a helpful learning tool, especially when combined with your ear. Some benefits of guitar tabs and reasons why you should give them a shot include: …

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5 Practical Tips For Playing Guitar With Long Nails

guitar tips for long nails

Learning how to play guitar with long nails can present some challenges, but you can do a handful of things to make it feel better if you aren’t used to it. If you’ve been wondering, “can I play guitar while having nails?” you certainly can, but you need to be mindful of specific aspects when …

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Why Do Guitarists Bend Their Strings? 

string bending on guitar

For many guitarists, bending strings is an essential part of their playing. But why do they do it? What’s the purpose of bending guitar strings? There are a few different reasons why guitarists bend their strings, and it’s mainly used by those who play the electric guitar, but it can sometimes be used to great …

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Is Bass Easier Than Guitar? Which One Is Right For You?

is bass easier than electric guitar

Bass vs. guitar – which one is better? It’s a question that musicians have debated for years, and it’s a common one that comes up with beginners who are looking to start learning an instrument. Both instruments have pros and cons, and ultimately, the answer is up to the individual player. Here, we’ll take a …

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