Why Do Some Bass Guitars Have Batteries?

why basses use batteries

People who are new to the bass may have come across several basses on the market that uses batteries. These are known as “active basses,” and the batteries involved in these serve an excellent and practical purpose. In this article, you’ll learn exactly the significance of the battery and why it’s used in so many …

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Are Guitar Lessons Worth The Money?

benefits of guitar lessons

With the abundance of excellent free learning resources available over the internet, many guitarists wonder if guitar lessons are still a worthwhile investment. In this article, I will share some key points about why having a good guitar teacher can be incredibly beneficial for beginners and experienced players alike and why you won’t regret having …

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How To Play Guitar In An Apartment Without Annoying Others

playing guitar in apartment tips

If you live in an apartment and you want to be able to learn to play the guitar, all hope is not lost if you happen to reside near a bunch of people. Not everyone has the luxury of having spacious homes, and many individuals share walls with others and are still able to get …

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What Is Intonation On The Guitar & Bass?

guitar and bass intonation

If you’ve been playing the guitar or bass for a little while, there is a good chance you’ve come across the term “intonation” at some point, possibly in the context of guitar setups, repairs, or things of that nature. So what is intonation exactly? If you’re unfamiliar with this small but extremely important word, this …

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