Enervate Your Playing With These 3 Exotic Guitar Scales

Many guitarists have been fascinated by the use of exotic guitar scales over the years and have tried to find ways to incorporate them into their style. They offer a different flavor that you won’t typically find in Western music. Sure, we have the Harmonic Minor scale and its modes, as well as the Phrygian, …

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5 Awesome Books For Learning Jazz Guitar Theory

best jazz guitar books

Jazz theory builds on the fundamentals of music and lays the foundation for how jazz is constructed. These fantastic books for jazz theory can be applied anywhere, but nearly all of them are specifically designed for guitar which means that not only will the methods behind it be explained, but they will also illustrate the …

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For Beginners: How To Read Guitar Tabs Effortlessly

Guitar tablature is the most intuitive way for guitarists of all levels to learn their favorite songs! This guide will show beginners how to read guitar tabs by breaking it down into a few parts and make it easy to understand.   What Is Guitar Tablature? Guitar tabs, in some aspects, look quite similar to …

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When To Change Your Guitar Strings & How To Keep Them Clean

when change guitar strings

After enough use, guitar strings will eventually become dull, lose their tone, and possibly even break! Knowing when to change your strings is second nature to experienced players, but for beginners, it might not be so obvious (unless one snaps, of course). This guide will give you an idea of when it’s probably time to …

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