Can You Learn How To Play Guitar By Yourself?

how to play guitar by yourself

The guitar is an amazing instrument, and it can be overwhelming to jump into when trying to learn it for the very first time. However, if you break certain aspects about it into pieces and focus on certain sections, you can steadily see improvements. The best part is you can be mostly self-taught during the …

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Keeping Time: How To Play Guitar to a Beat

how to play guitar to a beat

In music, keeping time is one of the most basic skills that everyone should learn. Sometimes when people try to learn how to play guitar for the first time, they mistakenly believe that rhythm and timing are aspects that are only important to the rhythm section of a band. This is entirely false, and it’s …

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5 Smart Guitar Tips For Playing Faster

guitar tips for playing faster

For many people, seeing the pros play lightning fast guitar solos is what got a lot of us interested in learning how to play the guitar. It is evident by looking at the professionals that one of the leading guitar tips for playing faster is to practice frequently. Duh! However, this doesn’t mean to just …

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What Are Guitar Notes? Get Familiar With The Fretboard

what are guitar notes

While similar stringed instruments have existed during ancient times, particularly in the East, the modern guitar as we know it originated in Spain. It started out with 4 and 5 strings, and eventually developed into a 6-string instrument sometime after the Baroque era of music. Even though its ancestors were around before the invention of …

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