The Best Budget Stratocasters That Won’t Break The Bank

best affordable strats

Stratocasters are one of the most famous guitar models of all time, and many of them can be pretty expensive if you haven’t noticed already; however, there are still many affordable options available for strat-lovers who have a strict budget. This article will share some of the best Stratocasters at a variety of price ranges …

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Should Beginners Learn On Electric or Acoustic Guitar First?

acoustic vs. electric guitars

Choosing between an acoustic vs. electric guitar is a very common concern that many new players have, and understandably so. Beginners are looking for the right instrument to help them get started and provide the most enjoyment while they learn how to play the guitar. This article will discuss the pros and cons of electric …

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Can You Play Electric Guitar Without An Amplifier?

playing without an amp

Playing an electric guitar through an amp is all part of the experience, but is it necessary to use one 100% of the time? This article will discuss why playing with an amplifier isn’t always required and encourage you to spend some of your practice time with one, and point you in the direction of …

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Is It Worth It To Upgrade Your Cheap Guitar?

should you upgrade a cheap guitar

Budget and entry-level guitars can be fantastic at helping you get started on your journey but the thought of modifying them is something that inevitably crosses most people’s minds at some point. This article will discuss some things that you should consider so you can decide if it’s worth investing in upgrades for a cheap …

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