For Beginners: The Best Acoustic Guitars Under $300

best acoustic guitars under 300 dollars

A good acoustic guitar for beginners doesn’t need to cost a ton of money! There are several affordable options out there for people who want a decent instrument to learn and practice on and can even continue to use as they become an intermediate and onwards. However, no matter what group you fall in, if …

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How Much Does An Electric Guitar Weigh? (10 Examples!)

weight of electric guitars

Electric guitars can come in different shapes and sizes, and construction varies from brand to brand, and naturally, things like wood and hardware can also impact how much they weigh. Whether you’re looking to find a lightweight instrument or you’re just curious about some of the statistics, this article will cover the weights of several …

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How To Clean A Maple Fretboard (& Keep It Clean!)

how to clean a maple fretboard

Maple fretboards are absolutely beautiful, but to keep them that way, you’ll have to be a bit diligent – dirt, gunk, and other unsightly features can become a lot more apparent on this light-colored wood, and it will continue to build up on it.  Therefore, cleaning your maple fretboard on a regular basis is highly …

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The Best Single-Coil-Sized Humbuckers To Boost Your Strat

best single coil humbuckers

Looking to thicken up your Strat’s tone while eliminating the noisiness of your stock single-coil pickups? You’re in luck because single-coil-sized humbuckers will do the trick! These allow you to take advantage of the benefits of regular humbuckers, such as higher output, a beefier sound, and noise cancellation, all while allowing them to fit right …

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