The Basics of Lead & Rhythm Guitar: Learn the Differences

differences between lead and rhythm guitar

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned musician, understanding the basics of lead and rhythm guitar can be essential in taking your playing to the next level. While the two guitar styles complement each other, and many of the skills carry over to one another, you should be aware of some notable differences between them. …

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The Best ½ and ¾-Sized Guitars For Small Hands

best reduced sized guitars

Due to being a fraction of the size of a regular guitar, reduced-sized guitars allow individuals with small hands to have a more comfortable playing experience. This is because these guitars have smaller bodies and shorter necks, which offers increased playability for people who struggle performing on full-sized guitars. Very young beginners typically benefit from …

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3 Big Reasons You Should Choose Bolt-On-Neck Guitars

benefits of bolt on neck guitars

Guitars with bolt-on necks are easily the most widely available, but have you ever thought about why that is the case? There are actually some pretty practical reasons why you’ll find guitars with this type of construction more than others and some tangible benefits of why people enjoy them. Here, you will learn about the …

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The 5 Best V-Shaped Guitars For Under $1000 

best v guitars under 1000

V-shaped guitars are some of the most incredible designs, and their popularity over the decades definitely reflects that! In this article, you will find a handful of great V guitars from the top brands that you can pick up for under 1000 bucks, so you can start rippin’ in style while staying within a specific …

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