All About Extended Range Guitars: 7 Strings & Beyond

extended range guitar

The use of the extended-range electric guitar has increased significantly in the last decade or so. A lot of modern music has become a lot heavier, more experimental, and has become quite popular. With the rise of djent and progressive metal bands like Periphery, more and more players have been interested in using extended range …

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What Are The Different Kinds of Electric Guitar Bridges?

The bridge on an electric guitar is one of the most identifiable parts on an instrument. Some might say that’s where the eyes go after they’ve just glanced at the more aesthetic elements of the guitar. People can be kind of picky with what electric guitar bridge they get because it can have a significant …

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Are Vintage Guitars Better Than New Ones?

vintage guitars

There’s something about vintage guitars that cause so many players or collectors to truly appreciate them. Is it a reminder of the good ol’ days? Were these guitars made better than their modern-day counterparts? Old classic guitars can be a remarkable asset to any guitarist but don’t get me wrong, they can have some disadvantages. …

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6 Reasons You Need To Get A Guitar Setup Right Now

when to get a guitar setup

Do you have fret-buzz that sounds worse than a swarm of bees when you play your guitar? This situation is just one of the many reasons you need to get a guitar setup as soon as possible. This article will cover six of the most everyday issues that people may face on their instruments, which …

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Strum With Style: The Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500

best acoustic guitars under 500

Finally, you’ve mastered a lot of guitar chords and refined your strumming technique, and you’re in the market for a brand new acoustic guitar that feels better than your beginner one and also produces a much better tone. Your first one has served you well, but you’re no longer a beginner, and it’s time that …

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Know The 3 Main Types of Fretboard Woods

Luthiers construct instruments out of many different tonewoods, each of which has its characteristics that make them look and sound unique to one another and sometimes even be more expensive than others. While the wood that a guitar’s body is made from can be quite diverse, the guitar fretboard wood types can be narrowed to …

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Is A Signature Series Guitar Worth It?

signature series guitar

Most players, new or old, realize that they are paying a premium when it comes to a signature guitar by their favorite artist. A lot of it has to do with the name; however, usually, there is a unique aesthetic about the guitar that makes it stand out from the rest. This article will discuss …

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Don’t Miss Out On Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guitar Deals!

black friday guitar deals

What if I told you that you don’t need to camp outside of retail stores to take advantage of Black Friday guitar deals? In conjunction with Cyber Monday, sites such as Amazon offer discounts on music gear, so you can still win without the crazy lines and fighting. These days will be here before you …

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