Which Guitar Pedal Is Best? – Pt. 2: Ten More Cool Ones!

which guitar pedal is best

This guide is a follow-up to my previous one about the best guitar pedals that you should absolutely have in your set-up. In that one, I listed 5 of the most essential pedals you need, and while this article will be similar, these are cool effects pedals that are absolutely worth your time, but might …

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How To Read Guitar Chords: Charts, Tabs, and The Staff

how to read guitar chords

There isn’t just one way to demonstrate how a guitar chord is played. If you are a beginner, there’s a pretty high probability that you’ve come across at least two of the main ways guitar chords are written out. If your more experienced, you’ve probably seen all three and have used them at least once. …

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Middle Of The Road: The Best Electric Guitars Under $500

best electric guitars under 500

If you’re actively looking for a guitar in the 500 dollar range, it’s probably safe to assume you’ve been playing for a while now, maybe a year or more, and perhaps you may describe yourself as an intermediate player. A mid-tier guitar has a lot more in common with a high-end guitar than it does …

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Should You Use A Solid State Guitar Amp?

solid state guitar amp

Solid state amps undeservingly get a lot of hate and backlash, especially when compared to their tubed counterparts. The truth is that by finding a decent one and a little bit of effort, anyone can make solid state guitar amp tone sound great, but how does it stack up against tubes? This article will run …

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