How To Tune A Guitar Down A Half-Step

tuning guitar half-step down

One of the most beautiful things about the guitar is that it can be adjusted to do different tunings, and this opens up more doors to different sounds and sometimes a new way of playing. Half-step down, or E-flat tuning, is one of the first and simplest alternate tunings that people learn, alongside drop-D, and …

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The Best Guitar Chord Books For All Skill Levels

best chord books for guitar

While lead guitar playing often takes the spotlight, learning chords and rhythm guitar is a vital part of virtually every form of music that utilizes the instrument. Here, I will show you some of the best books for learning chords on the guitar that are perfect for beginners, as well as ones that have information …

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The 10 Best Bass Guitar Accessories Everyone Should Have

essential bass accessories

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bass player, there are more than a handful of gadgets you should own to make your life easier. This guide will discuss essential bass accessories that should be a part of all bassists’ toolkits and will help you find them if you don’t have them already. 1. Tuner …

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Fingers Hurt When Playing Guitar? Here’s How To Find Relief

tips for guitar finger pain

When starting out as a beginner on the guitar and bass, it’s completely normal to have some pain and discomfort, particularly in your fingertips. However, even though it’s part of the process, it’s still not necessarily pleasant, and it can discourage you from playing. This article will share some tips for guitar finger pain that …

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