The Pros & Cons Of Stainless Steel Frets

stainless steel guitar frets benefits

Not many people think about frets compared to the rest of their guitars, especially regarding materials, but what your frets are made of can make a huge difference! One such material that frets can be made of is stainless steel, which has been growing in popularity because of its great benefits.  Whether you’re looking to …

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Unleash Your Sound: The Best 8-String Guitar Pickups

best pickups for 8-string guitars

The 8-string guitar is a powerful musical instrument that offers a unique range of tonal possibilities. However, to truly unlock the potential of an 8-string guitar, you need the right pickups, and some of the stock ones in cheaper models just don’t cut it! This guide will show you some of the finest 8-string guitar …

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What Are Pau Ferro Fretboards? Are They Good?

pau ferro fingerboard

As you may already know, the choice of materials used in the construction of the instrument is something many people consider because it can greatly impact its sound and playability.  One such material that has gained popularity in recent years among guitar players is Pau Ferro, and in this article, we will explore what Pau …

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Tidy Up Your Tone With The Best Noise Gate Pedals

best noise suppressor pedals for guitar

In the realm of guitar effects, noise gate pedals sometimes don’t receive the spotlight they deserve. While they may not add a new dimension to your sound, like a delay or overdrive pedal, they are crucial in ensuring your tone is clean and free from unwanted noise. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll talk about how …

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Can You Use A Coin For A Guitar Pick?

can you use a coin as a guitar pick

When it comes to playing the guitar, finding the right pick is essential for achieving the desired sound and tone. However, many guitarists may find themselves in a situation where they don’t have a pick readily available and wonder if they can use a coin as a substitute.  In this article, we will discuss whether …

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Stay Classy With The Best Classical Guitars Under $1000

best nylon string guitars under 1000

Classical and nylon string guitars have a rich history and are known for their warm and melodic sound. Naturally, these guitars are often associated with classical music, but they are commonly used in various genres, including jazz, flamenco, and folk.  When searching for a classical guitar, it’s essential to find one that suits your style …

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How To Polish & Clean Your Guitar Frets Thoroughly

how to polish guitar frets

‍Keeping your instrument in top shape is essential to keep it looking and playing nicely, and one crucial aspect of guitar maintenance is fret polishing. Just like the fretboard itself, the metal frets can accumulate dirt, grime, and oxidation over time, affecting your enjoyment of your guitar! In this article, I will guide you through …

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Display Your Guitar Or Bass With The Best Wall Hangers

best wall hangers for guitar and bass

As a musician, I totally understand the value and sentiment attached to instruments – they are not just tools but rather extensions of our creativity and passion. Hence, storing and displaying these precious items requires careful consideration. One practical and stylish way to do this is through a guitar wall hanger. Wall hangers are designed …

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