Is It A Good Idea To Hang A Guitar On The Wall?

guitar hanger pros and cons

Hanging a guitar on the wall is an incredibly common way of storing your instrument and keeping it out of the way, but is it truly the best way to do so? This article will discuss whether or not it’s safe for your guitar as well the pros and cons of guitar wall hangers, which …

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Sit Comfortably With The Best Guitar Chairs & Stools

best seats for guitarists

Practicing the guitar or bass takes a lot of time and commitment, which means that you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible when playing.  Most individuals will spend the majority of their sessions sitting down, so a reliable chair is highly-recommended to put you in a good position that’s conducive to relaxed playing. In …

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Everything You Need To Know About P90 Guitar Pickups

gibson p90 guitar pickups

P90 pickups are a classic design most frequently associated with early Gibson guitars and many hollow and semi-hollow body guitars. Although they aren’t as used as often as your ordinary single coil and humbucker pickups, P-90s are still quite popular and sought after by those who are after its sound. In this article, you’ll learn …

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For Beginners: The Best Acoustic Guitars Under $300

best acoustic guitars under 300 dollars

A good acoustic guitar for beginners doesn’t need to cost a ton of money! There are several affordable options out there for people who want a decent instrument to learn and practice on and can even continue to use as they become an intermediate and onwards. However, no matter what group you fall in, if …

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