A Beginner’s Guide To Finding The Best Guitar Capo

best guitar capo

A capo is an essential tool for acoustic guitarists of different skill levels since it helps you play songs correctly and in their intended key! In this article, I’ll show you how they work and some of the best types available on today’s market – so let’s get started! Why Do People Use Capos? The …

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How To Find The Best Guitar Picks For Shredding

guitar picks for shredding

There’s no denying that fast guitar playing comes from practice and coordination. However, there is a fair chance that you may be holding yourself back with the guitar pick that you’ve been using up to this point. The type of pick you are using does make a difference when attempting to shred, and this article …

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Need a Small Practice Amp For Guitar? Check These Out!

small practice amp for guitar

When practicing the guitar, most people will always have to be sure that they will not disturb their neighbors or family members. If your plan is to cause a ruckus or you need something for an upcoming gig (or both), this guide to the best practice amps for guitar may not be for you. There …

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The 3 Best Music Theory Books For Guitarists

music theory books for guitarists

Let’s set the record straight – music theory concepts are universal among Western instruments. Chords, scales, intervals, and more can be applied anywhere, but if you’re a guitarist, you’ll probably want something that is catered to your instrument. The best guitar books for theory will always teach you what you need to know and show …

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How To Choose Guitar Pickups – A Rundown

how to choose guitar pickups

Without pickups, many of our instruments would not function at all. They are crucial, and there’s a lot to discuss when it comes to talking about guitar pickups and how they work. In this guide, I will help break everything down regarding the basics of guitar pickups for you, including things you should look for …

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Which Guitar Pedal Is Best? – Pt. 1: Top 5 Choices

best guitar pedals

Guitar effects pedals have been a staple in just about everyone’s rig. Some people may only depend on one or two, and others may have an enormous effects chain. The beauty of guitar pedals is that they are individualistic, and people will always have their favorites. This article will be your guide to some of …

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Can You Learn How To Play Guitar By Yourself?

how to play guitar by yourself

The guitar is an amazing instrument, and it can be overwhelming to jump into when trying to learn it for the very first time. However, if you break certain aspects about it into pieces and focus on certain sections, you can steadily see improvements. The best part is you can be mostly self-taught during the …

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Keeping Time: How To Play Guitar to a Beat

how to play guitar to a beat

In music, keeping time is one of the most basic skills that everyone should learn. Sometimes when people try to learn how to play guitar for the first time, they mistakenly believe that rhythm and timing are aspects that are only important to the rhythm section of a band. This is entirely false, and it’s …

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