Is A Signature Series Guitar Worth It?

signature series guitar

Most players, new or old, realize that they are paying a premium when it comes to a signature guitar by their favorite artist. A lot of it has to do with the name; however, usually, there is a unique aesthetic about the guitar that makes it stand out from the rest. This article will discuss …

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Don’t Miss Out On Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guitar Deals!

black friday guitar deals

What if I told you that you don’t need to camp outside of retail stores to take advantage of Black Friday guitar deals? In conjunction with Cyber Monday, sites such as Amazon offer discounts on music gear, so you can still win without the crazy lines and fighting. These days will be here before you …

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Which Guitar Pedal Is Best? – Pt. 2: Ten More Cool Ones!

which guitar pedal is best

This guide is a follow-up to my previous one about the best guitar pedals that you should absolutely have in your set-up. In that one, I listed 5 of the most essential pedals you need, and while this article will be similar, these are cool effects pedals that are absolutely worth your time, but might …

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How To Read Guitar Chords: Charts, Tabs, and The Staff

how to read guitar chords

There isn’t just one way to demonstrate how a guitar chord is played. If you are a beginner, there’s a pretty high probability that you’ve come across at least two of the main ways guitar chords are written out. If your more experienced, you’ve probably seen all three and have used them at least once. …

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