Plucking Along: How To Play Guitar With Your Fingers

how to play guitar with your fingers

It’s a given that you’ll need to use the fingers on your fretting hand to play the guitar; however, when it comes to the hand that you usually pick with, you can actually toss that guitar pick away and still learn how to become a fantastic player. The finger-style guitar method is a popular method …

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Fat-Fingering Frets? Here Are Some Guitar Tips For Big Fingers

guitar tips for big fingers

A common thought or complaint that many players have when starting out or even contemplating beginning a guitar journey is that they believe that their fingers are too big and fat to play well. This couldn’t be further from the truth and in actuality, having fat fingers is pretty much never a liability when learning …

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The Best Guitar Accessories For Beginners

what guitar accessories do I need

Along with your trusty guitar, there are some items that you won’t want to do without. These tools serve specific purposes, so you will want one when the situation calls for it.  If you’ve been wondering, “what guitar accessories do I need?” here’s a list of essential ones that you should never go without. There …

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A 5-Step Guide To Buying A Guitar For A Beginner

what kind of guitar

Making that very first purchase doesn’t have to be stressful! In fact, this will usually be the cheapest time you will buy a guitar (as long as you stick to it). Here is some of my advice on buying a guitar for someone who wants to learn for the very first time.   Things to …

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