The Best Classical Guitar Beginner Starter Packs Under $200!

There’s no better time than now to begin learning the guitar, and if you’re looking for a classical guitar to help you get started, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll share with you some great classical guitar bundles for beginners at an affordable price so that you can look forward to learning this beautiful instrument and start playing pieces that inspire you.

The Best Full-Sized Classical Guitar Starter Package

Starter packs for all types of guitars are super popular for people who are looking to start playing for the first time, not only because they are some of the cheapest ones that you can get your hands on but also because they provide all kinds of stuff that all beginners will find useful.

The best full-sized starter classical guitar package that I’ve chosen that you can get for under $150 is the DCG-1 by Donner

Donner is a relatively young company that is well-known for its very affordable but fair-quality guitars and accessories of all types, and this 39-inch full-sized classical guitar is no exception.

In addition to the guitar, you’ll also get a:

  • Gigbag
  • Clip-On Tuner
  • Capo
  • Cloth
  • Footstool

Believe it or not, one of the things that caught my eye with this starter nylon string guitar was the fact that it does come with a footstool. Many of the other starter packs do not come with these, which is surprising because having a footrest is essential for classical guitarists. You can learn more about why here.

You’ll also get a pack of strings and a string winder, but hopefully, you won’t need to use those right away since it comes already strung. 

Overall, this package is of great value, and it’s perfect for teenage or adult beginners who are interested in learning the guitar.



The Best ¾-Size Classical Guitar Bundle

Full-sized guitars aren’t always appropriate for anyone, especially for kids who have smaller hands that can’t fully access the body and neck of these instruments.

Getting a ¾-sized guitar is an excellent solution for this since it will make the guitar more comfortable to get in position and play, and then they can smoothly graduate to a full-sized guitar when they get a little older. 

However, if you think you might need something smaller, there are also half-sized guitars too, and I have a recommendation for those if you continue to read on.

The art of classical guitar and how people make it look graceful and effortless is all about good technique and posture, and if an individual can’t practice this and feel good while playing, it can make learning less enjoyable and effective. Thankfully, scaled-down guitars are a thing to assist with this.

If you have a young one who is planning to start their journey into classical or Spanish guitar, I’ve found a ¾-sized classical guitar for beginners package by Fender to help them begin learning.

The Fender FA-15N starter set comes with many of the goodies that you’ve seen in the previous one; however, it doesn’t come with a footstool, which is kind of a bummer, but those are inexpensive, so you can just pick one of those up on the side.

This bundle goes for just under $200, and while you can find some other ¾ guitars for cheaper, I recommended this one because Fender is a very reputable brand. This beginner acoustic looks, feels, and sounds nice and will make an excellent first instrument, and with all the cool stuff, it’s the best ¾-size classical guitar starter pack for beginners that I’ve seen.



The Best ½-Sized Classical Guitar Starter Set

Sometimes even a ¾-sized guitar might be just a little too big, but luckily, the half-sized guitars are here to help those with the smallest hands start learning.

In general, half-sized guitars tend to be used by those who are between the ages of 3 to 8 years old, which is a common age range that kids pick up the classical guitar.

So, if you are a parent of a child who is around that age, especially in the lower half of that spectrum, a ½-sized classical guitar might be the safest route to go with.

For under $200, the best half-size guitar starter package I’ve found is the CGS102A one by Yamaha, who, like Fender, is a very well-known brand that creates both guitars that fit different budgets. Growing up, I knew a lot of people who had starter Yamaha acoustic and electric guitars, such as the Pacifica.

In addition to the CGS102A guitar, it gives most of the essentials that beginners should have, like a bag, tuner, some extra strings, and a string winder to make it all easier. Unfortunately, like the previous classical guitar package, this one also doesn’t come with a footstool, but it’s still a good value considering everything that you get.

For this price, this nylon-string guitar is ideal and decent enough for beginners who are very young and will end up upgrading to a better instrument in the future.

At the end of the day, low-priced Spanish guitars like these are a small investment to make and will allow you to see if your kids will even enjoy learning how to play the instrument. If they seem to want to commit to it, you can decide later to pick up something that’s bigger and has better quality.




What Else Do You Need?

These top classical guitar starter packages basically have everything you need to start playing, but as mentioned before, if you choose a bundle that doesn’t include a footstool, I recommend that you pick one up because you’ll want to reinforce good posture and other habits right from the get-go. 

On Amazon, you can usually find them for around 10 dollars, like this one here.

Additionally, while you are encouraged to play and explore the guitar as you wish, I also suggest that you look into classical guitar books to help expedite the learning process and get the basics down. 

By following a good beginner’s method book, you’ll be able to develop skills like getting to know the fretboard, sight-reading, and simply performing real classical music much quicker than if you were to do it all on your own.

If you decide to take lessons with a teacher, they can also help work with you on the material in the books you choose and help answer any questions you might have while you go through them.

Who knows, they might already be familiar with them. For instance, Christopher Parkening’s 1st book is incredibly popular with new students and has been for years, and many teachers have recommended it to their students.

You’ll also want to take a look into getting a metronome, which is a tool used for improving your rhythm and timing, and it can also be used to help build up your technique. 

For instance, practicing your music or various exercises at a slower tempo and gradually increasing it over time can make you more accurate by reinforcing good habits early on.

Therefore, in addition to the helpful gadgets that you’ll get in your guitar bundle, it’s a good idea to get these extra accessories because they can have a tremendous impact on your musical development.


For beginning students of the classical guitar, a starter pack is easily the most convenient way to get what you need to learn and grow with the instrument. Even if it’s not for yourself, and it’s a gift for your kids or someone else, the point still stands. 

While the main goal is to eventually transition into a better instrument when one improves as a guitarist, these beginner guitar sets will serve their purpose and create memories along the way – I still own my first guitar and the gig bag it came with after all of these years, and when I see it, it takes me back to when I first started playing. 

I hope that these guitars can also give you or a loved one the same kind of experiences that will be remembered forever!

If you’ve enjoyed this article and plan to start learning classical guitar in the near future, consider reading my guide on how to play guitar with your fingers. Classical guitar is traditionally played with your fingers and not a pick, and here, you can get a headstart on learning some of the basics of fingerstyle guitar techniques so you can apply them to your new guitar immediately.